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Apart from their regular teaching work, i.e. lecturing, tutorials and seminars in the fields of the statics and dynamics of structures, reinforced-concrete structures (partly), earthquake engineering and computing, as part of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula for degrees in civil engineering, the academic staff of IKPIR have acted as mentors to 20 Ph.D. students, 30 M.Sc. students, and 176 B.Sc. students, and as co-mentors to 85 B.Sc. students and 7 M.Sc. students. The researchers at IKPIR have played an important part in the government-supported programme for the training of young researchers. They have acted as mentors to 27 young researchers who have not only started to make important contributions within various research organizations, but have also assumed important responsibilities in various fields of civil engineering. Through its numerous seminars for practicing civil engineers (more than 30 since 1971 , as many as 2500 engineers have taken part in them), the staff of IKPIR have endeavoured to provide a rapid transfer of research results into the design processes of the construction industry. In this way they have made an important contribution towards the introduction of modern methods of structural analysis in the design of building and civil engineering structures.

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