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IKPIR: PRESENTATION: research Ljubljana,  



The staff of the Institute of Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Construction IT perform their work mainly in three fields, which are recognized in its title and presented on the following pages. In the field of structures, IKPIR's work involves research into methods for the design of structures, the development of computer programs and their introduction into practice, and design projects involving the fields of the non-linear analysis of structures and industrial processes. In the field of earthquake engineering, the Institute has achieved internationally recognized status and awards for its work in the development of new methodologies for the aseismic design of building structures, bridges, and industrial structures. In Slovenia, the Institute has had a decisive effect on the raising of design standards, as well as on the introduction of adequate technical regulations in the field of earthquake engineering. Over recent years, the ever more intensive use of the computer in research work has resulted in the research of the more general problems of the use of the computer in building and civil engineering. The field of construction information technology includes integrated construction, information delivery, and management of information technology . Since 1971, a total of more than 120 important research and development projects have been carried out, and several hundred scientific and technical papers have been published in Slovenia and in other countries. More than 50 publications have been written.

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