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The goal of construction information technology is to provide computerized information management throughout the life-cycle of a building product. Back in the days of large centralized computers, IKPIR produced high quality software for computer graphics, user interface design and data management. The consequence of the rapid development of information technology and the introduction of personal computers have been the introduction of languages C and C++, of object-orientated data-base, and of user-friendly interfaces. IKPIR was amongst the first in the field to take advantage of the object-orientated approach which turned out to be very suitable for structural and civil engineering problems. Computer integrated construction (CIC) was systematically researched at IKPIR during the period 1993-95 within the national research project "The computerized integrated design and construction of reinforced-concrete structures". IKPIR also participates in the work of the CIB working group on CIC. We have also been studying the computerization of building regulations, the electronic technical document management, for integrated information systems, and object-orientated data-bases. In 1993, IKPIR was among the first in the field to start publishing on the Internet. IKPIR has prepared a number of frequently visited and read services, which were aimed at the international community of researchers and teachers. Together with the GI-ZRMK (Building Institute) and the Building Center of Slovenia, IKPIR set up the core of Slovenia's technical information system for building and civil engineering - TIGRA. The organization of an international workshop "Construction on the Information Highway" has also further affirmed the work of IKPIR in this field. IKPIR is also full partner in the European Union's ESPRIT project on concurrent engineering - ToCEE.

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