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In the early years of work of the Institute, members of IKPIR's staff were engaged in studies of then new methods for the analysis of structures, including the Finite Element Method. This made possible the introduction of the Finite Element Method into the regular curriculum, the development of the Institute's own computer programs, and the introduction of these and other structural analysis computer programs into the everyday practice of designers of building and civil engineering structures. It was at this time that general computer programs for the analysis of linear structures, slabs and high-rise structures were developed, as well as special computer programs for the analysis of building systems consisting of precast reinforced-concrete elements. At the beginning of the 1980's, the development of computer graphics made possible the use of computers in those parts of the design process which could previously only have been performed using traditional methods. Methods for the computerized design of reinforcement were studied, and computer programs were developed which were able to produce reinforcement plans for precast elements, slabs, walls and frame structures. The results achieved by these programs could be used directly for the planning and management of production at bar-bending plants. Up-to-date graphic pre- and post-processors were added to the majority of existing computer programs. In the second half of the 1980's research work was begun into expert systems in the field of technical regulations. As an extension of the previously carried out research into the design of reinforcement, at present possibilities for the robotized assembly of reinforcement are being investigated. The assembly processes are being studied by means of computer programs for the simulation of robotized processes, which will make possible a realistic assessment of the feasibility and costs of robotized systems. IKPIR is involved in the TEMPUS and ESPRIT programs, financed by the European Union.

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